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With our new expansion, we now offer 26 rotating taps! Our taps feature numerous Belgian beers that you will find to be unique and different from any other beer styles, and be aware, higher in alcohol. Many are served in their own special glass or goblet. 

We also work hard to find many unique beers you will only find on tap in a few select bars throughout the states.  Enjoy!!

TAP BEER (*1st time on tap) - Updated 4/22/14


Etienne Dupont (Firkin) REAL Cidre Bouche Brut
(5oz pour)  $5
From the great cidre region of France, Normandy, a classic french cidre.    Dupont believes only one great cider can be made, given any set of apples, because the balance has to be perfect. The key is the soil which produces small fruit with highly concentrated flavors perfect for the production of cider. A real treat. 5.5% abv


St. Bernardus Abt 12 ("House Beer")  $8.50
We sell so much, this became our “house” beer.    A rich brown ale that is smooth, creamy and full bodied with A big richness of texture that is almost oily and very assertive, like a warming coconut brandy.  10.5% abv

Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru  $8.50
Has a rich, fruit aroma of cherries, golden raisins, peaches, and dried fruit, laced with honey and caramel. Smooth, rich flavors reminiscent of cherries dipped in caramel, finishing with notes of dried chocolate, roasted almonds, and a hint of molasses.  A Real Treat!  9.5% abv

Houblon Chouffe IPA Triple  $8
A unique balance between a very strong IPA and a Belgian Tripel, Big malty body, distinct dryness, expressive estery fruitiness.  A staff favorite!!  9% abv

Achouffe N’ice Chouffe  $8.50
A strong dark beer that will warm you up during the colder months.  It is spiced with thyme and curaçao and a light hop taste.  Delicious!!  10% abv

Bosteels Pauwel Kwak  $8
Aroma is mellow, fruity and malty with a slightly spicy character.  Taste has a very mellow, fruity attack, a slightly spicy character, passing into a warm finish that reminds you of caramelized banana.  And the glass is cool!!  8% abv

Gulden Draak  $8.50
Meaning Golden Dragon, this triple is dark brown in color with natural malt toffee-like sweetness but well-balanced with some hoppy accents.  10.5% abv

Ichtegems Grand Cru  $7.50
After maturation the base beer is blended with a younger (sweeter) beer.  Nose has some dark cherries with a hint of vinegar.  Taste has a slight tartness with a berrylike fruitness and woody notes from the oak barrels.  6.5% abv

Lefebvre Blanche de Bruxelles  $5
A unique witbier that uses 40 percent wheat, is unfiltered, and has a fresh, mellow flavor with a hint of orange.  4.5% abv

Piraat  $8.50
This beer’s flavor is so complex and  rich, every swallow conjures up new associations. Has a spicy light sweetness, which is balanced with the robust bitterness of the hops.  10.5% abv

Val-Dieu Triple  $8.50
a triple ale with a very delicate aroma, nutty, clean maltiness, and a drying finish reminiscent of garden mint.  9.5% abv

Struise/Mikkeller Mini Tap Takeover
Try sampler of 4 ….. $19

Struise Pannepot  $10
In the early 1900s, the village of De Panne, close to the French border, was famous for two things -- the ‘Pannepots,’ or fishing boats, that could be seen along the coast, and the unique dark ale enjoyed by the local fishermen. This Ale is a tribute to these hardy sailors and their rich, flavorful brew.  10% abv 

Mikkeller Black Hole  $11
Black Hole is what Mikkeller is all about. Daring, vulgar and extreme. Mikkellers goal has been to push the limit as with this intense imperial stout, The high bitterness from the hops and the sweetness from the malt makes Black Hole an explosion of nuances.  13.1% abv

Mikkeller/Prairie American Style*  $10
collaboration between Mikkeller, and one of the new stars of US brewing  Prairie Artisan Ales.  it’s loaded with West Coast hops. And fermented with a special strain of Brettanomyces claussenii that’s light on the funkiness, but really aromatic. A serious amount of West Coast dry hops are added to  compliment the tropical notes from the Brett.  7.5% abv

Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast  $10
An oatmeal stout with 25% oat-based ingredients and a nice touch of gourmet coffee and a lot of smoked malts. This beer is a smoked version a Beer Geek Breakfast.  Like bacon in a beer.  7.5% abv


Del Ducato Baciami Lipsia Italy*  $12
Italian for "Kiss My Lips"! A sour ale blended of several 9-month aged barrels (these barrels were inoculated with lactobacillus) with a new beer that is brewed with Himalayan pink salt, then aged again. The result is a super crisp citric beer with a slight hint of salt in the finish that lingers. Very unique! 4.5% abv


Malmgard Huvila X-Porter  $6
Creamy, slightly nutty, smooth chocolate malt nose. The taste is similar to its nose but also allows the taste of toffee to come through.  This is a rarity as not many top-fermented Baltic Porters are made any more.  7% abv


Belhaven Scottish Ale (Nitro Pour)  $5.50
Malty and hoppy,  a classic scotch ale that delivers a sweet, smooth and creamy finish,  this Ale has a stunning ruby color in the glass.  5.2% abv


Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock  $6.50
full-bodied and velvety from half a year's aging. Although it is strong, it is not overpowering.  There is a complex fruitiness of roasted malt and whole hops.  Despite its richness, it has a faintly smoky dryness in the finish.  6.7% abv


Dieu du Ciel Solstice d’Hiver  $10
This noble winter beers taste is delicately sweet and liquor-like with a hint of burnt caramel. It is a very bitter beer with aromas of hops and alcohol, and flavors reminiscent of red fruit brought by the English-type yeast we use to ferment it. The aftertaste is accentuated by the wonderful flavor of hops.  10.2% abv


Crispin Pear Cider
Colfax, CA  $5
This Hard Pear Cider is a dryer, soft bodied cider which is light and refreshing.  4.5% abv

Evil Twin Hipster Ale
Brooklyn, NY  $5
If you feel excluded because you’re hip but your city is not, this cutting-edge, ‘hip without borders’ pale ale is an homage to you – the global hipster.  5.5% abv

Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire iO Saison*
Dexter, Michigan  $9.50
A sour ale brewed with rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus then aged in oak barrels.  A real treat. 99 on ratebeer!  6.8% abv

Ommegang Game of Thrones #3 Fire and Blood*   
Cooperstown, New York  $5.50
brewed with pilsner, Cara, Midnight Wheat, flaked rye and spelt. And CTZ, Styrian Golding and German Tettnang hops. Spiced with de-seeded Ancho chilies.  Aromas of ripe fruit, raisins, malt & slight spice, followed by a slightly floral and spicy hop character.  6.8% abv

Southern Tier Krampus *  
Lakewood, New York  $5.50
Dark malts and aromatic hops create the diabolical spirit of this brew. finished with lager yeast and aged cold for 30 days. This Imperial Helles Lager will warm even the darkest hearts.  9% abv

Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat*  
Manhattan, Kansas  $5
We carefully infuse our award- winning oatmeal cream stout with whole Ugandan vanilla beans. This enhances the beer's natural dark-roasted flavors of espresso, chocolate, and creamy sweetness.  5% abv

Toppling Goliath PseudoSue
Decorah, Iowa  $5
This single hop ale showcases the Citra hop. Named for the largest T-rex fossil ever discovered, she roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen.  5.8% abv

Bottled Beer List(subject to change) - see pdf below for full and most current list

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