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With our new expansion, we now offer 26 rotating taps! Our taps feature numerous Belgian beers that you will find to be unique and different from any other beer styles, and be aware, higher in alcohol. Many are served in their own special glass or goblet. 

We also work hard to find many unique beers you will only find on tap in a few select bars throughout the states.  Enjoy!!

TAP BEER (*1st time on tap) - Updated 9/26/14

Meantime Tap Takeover! - London, England
Try a sampler of all four for $14

India Pale Ale  $8
All British malt, all British hops. Pound upon pound of Fuggles & Goldings hops are needed to achieve the dry hopping rates necessary to recreate this great beer style. Enjoy with hot foods and spicy friends, or vice versa.    7.5% abv

London Porter*  $8
Based on an original 1750 London recipe, this is the beer loved and consumed in equal amounts by British citizens and America’s founding fathers. Hints of nut and chocolate, along with mild fruity hop notes distinguish this timeless brew.  6.5% abv

Coffee Porter*  $8
Brewed using a veritable mountain of Fair Trade Araba Bourbon beans from Rwanda’s Abuhuzamugambi Co-operative. Silky, chocolatey palate, with a smooth, lasting finish.   6% abv

Double Weizen Bock*  $8
A British take on a classic German weizen bock. This is a dark, strong, heavy wheat beer with in-your-face flavors of brown sugar on toast, clove, banana, and toffee. A bit sweet, with a warming finish.   8% abv


St. Bernardus Abt 12 ("House Beer")  $8.50
We sell so much, this became our “house” beer.    A rich brown ale that is smooth, creamy and full bodied with A big richness of texture that is almost oily and very assertive, like a warming coconut brandy.  10.5% abv

Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge  $9
100% unblended lambic beer. Made from a mix of barley malt and unmalted wheat.  after spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast and bacteria from the air, it is aged in oak vats for a period of eighteen months.  5.5% abv

Bosteels Pauwel Kwak  $8
Aroma is mellow, fruity and malty with a slightly spicy character.  Taste has a very mellow, fruity attack, a slightly spicy character, passing into a warm finish that reminds you of bananas foster.  8% abv

Bosteels Triple Karmeliet  $7.50
Golden ale still brewed to an authentic recipe from 1679.  Uses three kinds of grain: wheat, oats, and barley.  Always a customer favorite!!  8% abv

Houblon Chouffe IPA Triple  $8
A unique balance between a very strong IPA and a Belgian Tripel, Big malty body, distinct dryness, expressive estery fruitiness.  A staff favorite!!  9% abv

Gulden Draak  $8.50
Meaning Golden Dragon, this triple is dark brown in color with natural malt toffee-like sweetness but well-balanced with some hoppy accents.  10.5% abv

Corsendonk Pater/Abbey Brown Ale  $8
A Classic abbey brown with a very distinctive bouquet.  yeasty, fruity and slightly smoky. In palate, notes of port, raisins and black chocolate.  7.5% abv

Piraat  $8.50
This beer’s flavor is complex and  rich, with a spicy, light bubblegum-like sweetness that is balanced with the robust bitterness of the hops.  10.5% abv

Troubador Obscura  $9
a dark red beer that has a malty character with hints of cinnamon, sandalwood, and a mild bitterness.  produced with 4 different types of malt. 8.5% abv

Special Tappings - Try a sampler of any 4 for $16

Destihl Sour Series - Counter Clock Weisse (Illinois) 
Normal, Illinois  $8
An extraordinarily refreshing, tart ale. Brewed with souring cultures and fresh-picked raspberries, this beer gives off impressions of lemon yogurt, hay, and summer breezes.  
3% abv

Freigeist Phoebe* (Germany)  $9.50  
this rare German take on the imperial stout  keeps things interesting by utilizing a heavy portion of rye malt. roasty and intense, but features a slightly spicy note to cut through the richness.  8% abv

De Proef Flemish Prmitive* (Belgium)  $9.50
De Proef is as much an R&D lab as it is a brewery, and so the beers they produce are unabashedly idiosyncratic. Hence this mixed-fermentation sour blonde ale, featuring huge lemon yogurt notes, plum, and apple skin.   9% abv

Rooie Dop Utrecht (Netherlands)  $9.50  
Named after the place of its creation, Utrecht is an American-style strong ale. Akin to a barleywine, it is substantially more bitter, with notes of pine needle, grapefruit, caramel and rose water.   9.1% abv

Trois Dames Foret Noire* (Switzerland)  $10
Black Forest Cake!  The beer is  blended with both whole cherries and cherry wine to create an indulgent, complex after-dinner drink that won’t lay waste to your senses.   6.8% abv


Evil Twin Yang  $6.50
Enjoy this profoundly evil Imperial IPA solo as this is one half of a Black and Tan drink. Not just any Black and Tan, but the one where a toasted smug and hoppy fella get together and make a sublime beer. order a bottle of Yin and try tehm together, you just might like it.  10% abv


Dupont Cidre Reserve* (5oz pour)  $8
natural cider matured six months in oak casks which had previously contained calvados. Notes of apple, rainwater, wood, and butterscotch.   7% abv


Ayinger Oktoberfest  $7.50
From the Ayinger Brewery, founded in 1878.  a full-bodied, rich lager with a malty bouquet and a hint of sweetness.  Perfect for the fall season.  5.6% abv


Cisco Grey Lady*
Nantucket, Massachusetts  $5
Belgian-style witbier with a twist: this brew is completely un-hopped, deriving all its flavor from the yeast, spices, and heavy dose of wheat malt. Dry, crisp, refreshing.  4.5% abv

Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter
Amherst, Wisconsin (Nitro tap)  $5.50
A robust, yet surprisingly refreshing porter, Mud Puppy is a favorite of dark beer lovers. Characterized by a thick, rocky head and luscious chocolate-like nose, the malty profile is balanced by liberal hopping for its style.   5.5% abv

Crispin Pear Cider
Colfax, CA  $5
This Hard Pear Cider is a dryer, soft bodied cider which is light and refreshing. Try it straight up or over ice!  4.5% abv

Stillwater Brontide*
Baltimore, Maryland  $5
this smooth Belgian black session ale contains multitudes: chocolate, raisins, a little pipe tobacco ash, and sweet spices. 5% abv

Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget IPA
Decorah, Iowa  $5
this beer’s big hop aroma mingles with fragrances of citrus and evergreen, Tropical fruit flavors entice your taste buds before immediately captivating you with a bold, hop forward taste and a pleasant bitterness. 7.2% abv

Bottled Beer List(subject to change) - see pdf below for full and most current list

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