On Tap

We offer 26 ever changing, rotating taps! Our taps feature numerous Belgian beers that you will find to be unique and different from any other beer styles, and be aware, higher in alcohol. Many are served in their own special glass or goblet. 

We also work hard to find many unique beers you will only find on tap in a few select bars throughout the states.  Enjoy!!

TAP BEER (*1st time on tap) - Updated 12/15/14 

All beers now available as a 4.5oz pour or full pour


St. Bernardus Abt 12 ("House Beer")  $3.50 / $8.50
We sell so much, this became our “house” beer.    A rich brown ale that is smooth, creamy and full bodied with A big richness of texture that is almost oily and very assertive, like a warming coconut brandy.  10.5% abv

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale  $3.50 / $8.50
A spicier, more festive version of the classic Abt 12. Rich and full-bodied, with suggestions of fig, raisin, and rum cake.   10.5% abv

Affligem Noel  $3 / $7.50
Spicy, warming winter ale, with notes of woody spice, rum cake, and vanilla.   9% abv

Bavik Wittekerke  $2 / $5
This Wit beer charms you with its smooth taste and a unique delicious aroma. crisp and refreshing, with suggestions of honey, citrus, and champagne.  5% abv

Bosteels Triple Karmeliet  $3 / $7.50
Golden ale still brewed to an authentic recipe from 1679.  Uses three kinds of grain: wheat, oats, and barley.  Always a customer favorite!!  8% abv

Corsendonk Christmas Ale  $3 / $7.50
Spicy, full-bodied Belgian brown ale, brewed for the holiday season. Notes of chocolate, roasted malt, and citrus peel.   8.1% abv

Delirium Noel  $3 / $7.50
Sweety, yeasty red ale from this classic Belgian stalwart. Stewed cherries, almond and fruitcake, followed by a long, lingering finish.   10% abv

Gouden Carolus Noel  $4 / $9.50
Unique, beguiling holiday beer. Strong, with assertive anise, clove, and chocolate flavors.  10.5% abv

Gulden Draak  $4 / $9
Meaning Golden Dragon, this triple is dark brown in color with natural malt toffee-like sweetness but well-balanced with some hoppy accents.  10.5% abv

Poperings Hommelbier  $3.50 / $8
Hommel is the local abbreviation of humulus, from the botanical name for the hop plant.  This is a hoppy, slightly bitter golden-ale made from a blend of winter, summer and aromatic pale malts.  7.5% abv

Scaldis Noel  $4 / $9.50
Big ol’ boozy holiday ale to warm your bones. After brewing, the beer rests on fresh hop flowers for a few weeks, helping to balance the intense sweetness. 4.8% abv


Dieu du Ciel! Disco Soleil*  Canada  $4.50 / $10
IPA with kumquats! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? 7.2% abv

Dieu du Ciel! Aphrodisiaque  Canada  $4.50 / $10
Intense, robust stout with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans added. A decadent treat from Canada’s foremost brewery. As to the name, well…results may vary.   6.5% abv

Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d’Hiver  Canada  $4.50/$10
Reddish brown barleywine ale brewed with traditional English yeast. Raisin, date, candied fruit, and earthy spice.


Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast (Denmark)  $5 / $11
The beer that helped put Mikkeller on the map. A strong oatmeal stout brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops plus a ridiculous amount of Gourmet coffee, expect this brew to boast a full, coating mouthfeel, and just enough hop bitterness to accentuate the massive coffee presence. 7.5% abv

Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin’ X-Mas  $4.50 / $10
Bold, assertively malted IPA brewed with ginger and pine needles.   7.8% ABV


Page 24 NOEL  $4 / $9
Similar to this traditional producer’s standard biere de garde, but richer, maltier, and stronger for the winter months. Hints of dark toasted bread, sweet spice, mild hop bitterness.    6.9% abv


Weihenstephaner Vitus  $2.50 / $6
Golden, spicy weizen bock from the world’s oldest continually operating brewery. Strong, with notes of clove, banana, light caramel, with a bready finish.    7.7% abv


Alesmith IPA  $2.50 / $6 
San Diego, California
One of the world’s top-rated IPAs. Incredibly vibrant, with orange peel notes, grapefruit, and a piney bitterness, with a clean finish.   6.8% abv

Anchor Our Special Ale 2014
San Francisco, California  $2 / $5
A rich, malty winter warmer. Anchor has been brewing this for 40 years, changing the spice profile each year. For the 2014 vintage, expect allspice, lemon peel, cloves, and baked bread.   5.5% abv

Destihl Here Gose Nothing*
Normal, Illinois  $2.50/$6.50
Lemony, intensely citrus-forward German wheat ale. This old-world style is spiked with souring cultures, then flavored with coriander and sea salt for a refreshing, singular beverage.  5% abv

Founders Nitro Oatmeal Stout
Grand Rapids, Michigan $2 / $5.50
Creamy, full-bodied session stout. Notes of baker’s chocolate, bitter roasted malts. 
4.5% abv

New Glarus Raspberry Tart 
New Glarus, Wisconsin  $2.50 / $6
We use berries which we ferment spontaneously in large oak vats. Then we employ Wisconsin farmed wheat and year old Hallertau hops to round out this extravaganza of flavor.  4% abv

Smuttynose/Stone Cluster’s Last Stand
New Hampshire  $2.50 / $6
Immediately post-Prohibition IPA, brewed with classic Cluster hops, which impart an earthy, fruity note to this light-bodied hop bomb.  8.3% abv

The Bruery 7 Swans a’Swimming  $3.50 / $7.50 
Placentia, California
For the seventh installment of their 12 Beers of Christmas, The Bruery went back to basics, brewing a rich, true-to-style Belgian quad. Notes of black cherry, fig, and a noticeable hoppiness await!   11% abv

Une Annee Airing of Grievances  $2.50 / $6 
Chicago, Illinois
A full-bodied imperial stout fermented with a mixture of Belgian and English yeast strains. Chocolatey, with hints of stewed fruit, roasted malt, and brown sugar.   10.6% abv


Bottled Beer List(subject to change) - see pdf below for full and most current list

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