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We offer 26 ever changing, rotating taps! Our taps feature numerous Belgian beers that you will find to be unique and different from any other beer styles, and be aware, higher in alcohol. Many are served in their own special glass or goblet. 

We also work hard to find many unique beers you will only find on tap in a few select bars throughout the states.  Enjoy!!

TAP BEER (*1st time on tap) - Updated 5/21/15 

All beers now available as a 4.5oz pour or full pour


St. Bernardus Abt 12 ("House Beer") 
We sell so much, this became our “house” beer.    A rich brown ale that is smooth, creamy and full bodied with A big richness of texture that is almost oily and very assertive, like a warming coconut brandy.  10.5% abv

St. Bernardus Pater 6
Smooth dark Belgian dubbel. Chestnut-colored, with flavors of spice, roasted nuts, and toffee.   6.7% ABV

Alvinne Wild Undressed
Very clean, sour oud bruin. Hints of leather and berry, with a sturdy malt base.   6.9% abv

Bavik Wittekerke
Traditional Belgian witbier, brewed with unmalted wheat, coriander, and orange peel.  
5% ABV

Bombrewery Triporteur From Hell
Belgian porter-ish beer from a brewer who has done stints at St. Bernardus, Boon, Rodenbach, and New Belgium.  Dry and chocolatey, with a soft finish.  6.66% ABV

Chimay Doree
An abbey single ale, traditionally brewed solely for the monks’ consumption. Light and slightly wheaty, with suggestions of lemon peel, stone fruit, and cracker-like malt.  
4.8% ABV

De Dolle Boskeun
Strong Belgian golden ale, brewed for the spring. Heady aromas of apple and pear, some biscuity malt, and mild, cutting acidity.   10% ABV

De Dolle Dulle Teve
The brewery’s take on the Belgian tripel style, this is a rich blonde ale with flavors of wild honey, golden raisin, bready malts, and hints of citrus.   10% ABV

De Dolle Oerbier
One of the beers that made the De Dolle name, this dark Belgian ale features one of the most complex flavor profiles of any beer: molasses, tart apple, raisin, caramel, and grape. Outstanding.  9% ABV

Duvel Single
The younger version of the classic bottled Duvel.  Gentle hoppiness, and a subtle, smooth dryness with hints of fruitiness. 6.8% abv

Gouden Carolus Easter*
Special dark strong ale brewed to commemorate the Spring season. With a classic flavor profile featuring dried cherry, anise, toffee, dark fruit, and leather.   10% ABV

Gulden Draak 
Meaning Golden Dragon, this triple is dark brown in color with natural malt toffee-like sweetness but well-balanced with some hoppy accents.  10.5% abv

Piraat Triple Hop*
Piraat brewed with super-fresh Belgian hops. The added bitterness cuts the sweet malt profile, but leaves plenty of room for the classic stone fruit-meets-bubblegum characteristics to shine.   10.5% ABV

Verhaeghe Echt Kriekenbier
Flanders red-style ale with tart cherries added. Slightly vinous, with jammy cherry flavors.   6.8% ABV 


Siren/Mikkeller Beer Geek Daydream* (England/Denmark)
Possibly the most ridiculous thing even Mikkeller has ever done, this is a strong blonde stout (yes, you read that right) with coffee, cocoa and vanilla added. It’s best to just roll with the punches.   12% ABV


Belhaven Scottish Ale (Nitro)
We at Belhaven love the classic Scottish Ale and we’ve been brewing it longer than any of the other beers we produce. Delivering a sweet, smooth and creamy finish, Scottish Ale has a stunning ruby colour in the glass. Magic.   5.2% ABV


Ayinger Maibock
Brewed with plenty of malt, hops and love, Ayinger Maibock is a big-bodied beer with a sweet, malty aroma, a rousing head and a fruity long lasting aftertastaste. A lovely, complex lager.   6.8% ABV

Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berline Weisse
Traditional German sour ale, brewed with 50% wheat malt and fermented in open tanks. Soft mouthfeel, with hints of lemon, sourdough, and yogurt-like lactic qualities.   5% ABV


La Trappe Isid’Or
A robust Belgian amber ale. Unfiltered, it finishes with fruity hints, and a gentle hop profile.   7.5% ABV


Trois Dames/AZ Wilderness Dark Absinthe Saison*
Dark saison brewed with fresh absinthe flowers. Bitter and minty, the saison base still comes through nicely, with notes of spice and mild hops.   6% ABV

Trois Dames/Sixpoint Jalapeno Raspberry Double*
Look at that name. Are you afraid? You should be...but only a little. These two brewers managed to strike a phenomenal balance, capturing the flavor of the pepper skin and fusing it seamlessly with tart raspberry notes. A very, very cool beer.   6.5% ABV


Dieu Du Ciel! L’Herbe À Detourne*
Belgian abbey-style tripel, dry-hopped with Citra. Tropical fruit and spicy esters.  
10.2% ABV 


Evil Twin Citra Sunshine Slacker* 
Brooklyn, NY
Session pale ale featuring exclusively Citra hops. Dank and piney, with soft tropical fruit notes.  Immensely thirst-quenching!   4.5% ABV

Ballast Point Pale Ale (Kolsch)*
San Diego, CA
Hybrid beverage brewed with ale yeast but conditioned like a lager. It is light and soft, with floral notes and a slight white wine character.   5.2% ABV

The Bruery Humulus Lager
Placentia, CA
Humulus Lager is an India Pale Lager brewed with 4 lbs. of hops per barrel and weighing in at 7.2% ABV. This beer is all about the hops-- the lager yeast allows the hops to be in the forefront.

New Holland The Poet 
Holland, MI 
This stout is sheer beer poetry. Experience its rich, roasty flavors and hints of coffee and chocolate.  The Poet is truly a rich, creamy brew of epic proportions.!   5.2% ABV

Bottled Beer List(subject to change) - see pdf below for full and most current list

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