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We thought we'd put up the catalog of all the beer tastings we've done over the years.  If you haven't been able to join us at Brasserie V for these tastings, try a self-guided tour with our notes.  Enjoy!

StruiseFest Tasting Event

Sunday, November 17th



Struise Mission

We believe in the making of Authentic craft beers. Some will find us very eccentric, but that is how all artists are. Please forgive us. 


Owners of a nearby ostrich-raising farm in Lo-Reninge with accommodations for vacationers, Urbain Coutteau and Philippe Driessens developed an interest in making distinctive regional beers to serve to their guests. In 2001 they began doing so. They now  brew and offer tastings in a renovated school building in Oostvleteren, near St. Bernardus and Westvelteren. The company takes its name from the historic Flemish word for ostrich, which also is a contemporary slang term meaning "tough". They render the name into English as "The Sturdy Brewers", and many of their labels feature ostriches. In 2008, De Struise were voted the world’s best brewers by


The Tasting Line-Up:


Struise T.H.R.E.E. (Tangerine Heated Rare Evil Edition) – Bourbon Barrel Aged

Where the alcohol and fruit notes of Belgian Tripel Ale are already front and center in the style, they are further pushed to the fore ground with additions of tangerine and bourbon for an even more intense tasting experience. 

10% ABV (BEERchitect on Beer Advocate)


Struise Tsjeeses Reserva
(Bourbon Barrel Aged)

The Tjeeses is a strong, blond, winter beer with a fluffy white head and elegant aroma. It has flavors of dried fruits, spices, refreshing herbs and noble hops.  This beer is strong, complex, and fairly dry, with an expressive body and nice afterglow. The Reserva version has been additionally aged in Bourbon Barrels. 10% abv


Struise Black Damnation 1 – Black Berry Albert 

This version of the infamous Black Albert was brewed with blackberries and aged for 1 year on port barrels. Pours a blacker than black beer with an inch of dark tan head that lingers as it cascades into itself. Nice aroma of bitter-sweet chocolate, fresh torrified coffee beans, barley, candy sugar, complex fruits, and floral hops. At the front, there is spiced baker’s chocolate, fresh mocha, caramel like barley touches, and underlying hints of dried fruits which marries the back of your palate and features a Top, and well integrated but not overbearing hop flavor. 13% ABV


Struise Cuvée Delphine 

Black Albert was used in a new barrel aging project. More than a year ago, Carlo was able to get his hands on a stock of Four Roses Bourbon barrels, and we happily filled them up with Batch „0". This unique creation was originally to be named 4 Black Roses in honor of its heritage, but our friends in Kentucky strongly advised us not to do so! What to do? As the disowned offspring of Black Albert, the name Cuvée Delphine imposed itself. Savoring the Belgian irony, we are most honored to have artwork by Delphine Boël shining on this label. You will not find this ale all over the globe. 
13% ABV


Struise Roste Jeanne (Red Haired Jeanne)

Our brew-master was born and raised in Newport Belgium. In the early days around 1600, a lot of women were accused of witch craft and got burned alive... The city council of Newport asked Urbain to develop a session beer for the two yearly evocation of a Newport witch called Jeanne Panne. Jeanne was as ugly as can be and had copper coloured hair. Elements enough for Urbain to create a rather exciting ale.

Pours deep reddish-brown color with a thick frothy head. Aromas of caramel and nutty bread. Medium-bodied with  flavors of plum, caramel, and toasted malts. Dry finish with some mild malty sweetness. 7% abv


Struise Hopverdomme

Brewed for the first time on January 29th 2009. Hopverdomme aka Hopdamnit, is a very original name coined by Beejay Oslon. He was a Struise intern at that time, but later launched the m;uch lauded Pipeworks Brewing Company in Chicago USA. Hopverdomme is the perfect union between hops and a Flemish curse, that should live up to the high expectations of the cursed who are drawn to drink this „damned“ hoppy ale. 15% abv


Struise Weltmerz Blond Sour Ale  

This beer is tart. Aromas of fruits like apple cider and pear, as well as a solid dose of acidic lemon. Funk is very mild.
The taste tracks the smell with very tart apple cider, pear, peach, and a bracing lemon acidity. The brew pulls at your glands with each sip.  3% abv (from Spoony on Beer Advocate)


Struise Pannepeut

The Pannepøt owes its name to our Danish friends and customers who eagerly and often drink de Struise beers. As a tribute to them, we developed this brew in occasion of the International Beer Festival in Copenhagen which took place in May 2006. The beer has always been popular in it’s own region and was so well received at the festival that we decided to continue brewing it

It is a hazy brown colored beer with a creamy beige froth and aromas of dried fruit and spice. It reveals licorice, nutmeg, fruit, and caramel on the palate. Not to mention refreshing and balancing hops. 10% abv



Struise Pannepot 2012

In the early 1900s, the village of De Panne, close to the French border, was famous for two things — the ‘Pannepot,’or fishing boats, that could be seen along the coast, and the unique dark ale enjoyed by the local fishermen. Our Old Fisherman’s Ale is a tribute to these hardy sailors and their rich, flavorful brew.

Pannepot is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, bottle-conditioned dark ale with an intense, complex chocolate malt aroma, roasted accents, and subtle hints of spice. 10% abv


Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva 2008

Our PGR has aged for 24 months on oak barrels and then  kegged in 2008. The main difference with the Pannepot Reserva is that PGR matured the last ten months on Calvados oak barrels, adding extra complexity to the beer. We dedicate this beer as a tribute to Jeppe & Michael of Ølbutikken in Denmark. Those gentlemen were the first to discover our beers on an International basis back in 2004 and are responsable somehow for our beers being all over the globe since then. 10% abv


Struise Rye Tripel Reserva

We can’t find a damn thing about it on the interweb, but pretty sure it’s going to be good!!



Struise O.N.E. (Our Nastiest Effort) Bourbon Barrel Aged

Dark brown with a huge mocha head. Tad vinous nose, big dark fruits, bourbon, molasses, figs and prunes. Tastes of sweet mocha, bourbon, dark malts, ripe and overripe dark fruits, prunes, figs, bitter spices, touch wood, some coffee roast in the back, serious bourbon in here, thick flavor and body, this is a pretty damn impressive Belgian. 10% abv (BeerAdvocate)

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